Time for change

Australian Milk Price Initiative

A fair, transparent and competitive market for Australian milk

AMPI Dairy milk Initiative

Better milk price transparency and risk management for Aussie dairy

AMPI gives farmers control over milk price
Time for change

The AMPI market can:

  • Give farmers more control over their milk price up to 3 years forward
  • Let processors manage margins, fill stainless steel, and attract high value customers
  • Help milk buyers have certainty of input prices

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The Big Picture: Milk Pricing

  • See our ABARES 22 presentation on where AMPI fits into the big picture of milk price (16 min mark), as well as other great presentations from ADPF, ACCC and ADF representatives.
  • Margin and risk management can help deliver a stronger Aussie dairy industry: locked in prices 3+ years out, helping you manage budgets and plan for investment and growth.
  • Our global dairy competition and other Aussie agricultural industries have these tools: that’s why AMPI received government funding via the ADF, and why it was included in the Australian Dairy Plan.
  • The path to risk management starts with true price transparency: that’s what AMPI delivers.

Solid partnerships

The AMPI forward physical milk markets are hosted on the Mercari trading platform, which is owned and operated by Australia Exchange Group (formerly Financial and Energy Exchange Group Ltd ‘FEX’).

Australia Exchange Group is a group of companies that includes two operating entities (FEX Global and Mercari) that each hold a Tier 1 Australian Market Licence pursuant to s795B of the Corporations Act:

  • Mercari provides trading venues for both non-financial and financial products to operate spot, OTC derivative and cleared OTC derivative markets for commodity, energy, environmental, interest rate and foreign exchange products. SEE HERE
  • The group also includes Riemann Agriculture, a company that creates and designs innovative tradeable financial and non-financial products for agricultural markets. SEE HERE
  • FEX Global operates cleared futures and options markets for energy, environmental and commodity derivative products. FEX Global alongside the ASX 24 is one of only two licensed (AML holders) for futures markets in Australia. SEE HERE

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